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How do you solve a murder witnessed in a dream?

I’m Kai Watson, and I have the ability to astral project. Each night when I fall asleep, my spirit leaves my body and travels to a new location. Thanks to my gift, I’m now the sole witness to the brutal murder of my classmate Darla Baxter. I’ve gone to the police, but they don’t believe me.

When my astral travels are replaced by nightmares, it’s clear what I have to do. I must close the case and find the killer myself.

On my search for answers, I team up with Darla’s brother, Collin, who’s as dreamy as he is sweet. It’s up to us to find the killer… before someone else we love ends up dead.

Distant Dreams is a young adult contemporary magical realism novel featuring a murder mystery, high school romance, and a dash of paranormal abilities. This teen novel is suitable for ages 12-16.

Author: Alicia Rades

Publisher: Crystallite Publishing LLC

Print Length: 174 pages

Reading Age: Young Adult

Also available in audiobook format:

distant dreams

Distant Dreams - Audiobook

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